Elegance in Outdoors Design.

Hi! I’m Margalida, I design and install gardens and exteriors in the pretty island of Mallorca.

Beautiful and practical gardens with low maintenance and water wise system. Your personality and character can be reflected outdoors.

All year living on the island? So lucky! Only from time to time? Let’s make your garden the Oasis on your vacations!


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Let’s Make Outdoors magical

If you are interesting in a Online Garden Service, you are in the right place. I design gardens online all over the world.

Tell me all about the idea of your project. Let’s make your dream come true. 

Testimonial: Erik Kugler, Washington. USA

We were delighted when we saw Margalida’s design for our yard!  She literally took our dreams, organized them, and showed us how to make them a reality.
It began with my wife and I having some ideas about what we wanted.  But we were having trouble figuring out what would go where, let alone figuring out the flow and knowing which plants grow together and are deer-proof, how to combine colors for all seasons, and then working around everything that was already growing in our yard. 
There were so many variables and unknowns that it was stressful and overwhelming – the opposite of what planning a garden should be.
So we contacted Margalida and she listened to us, incorporated our ideas, and proposed a design that not only had everything we wanted, but also it had a comfortable and logical flow to it.  Being from Spain and having lived in Mallorca, Margalida gave us that touch of Mediterranean magic we were looking for, something that would make it stand out from the landscaping you see everywhere else.
And not only did we get the design, it was also laid out in a step by step format in a 32 page easy to read plan.  We’ve started the implementation process and it couldn’t be less stressful.
I would highly recommend Margalida if you’re looking for something exceptional.

Environmental commitment.

In my designs I always try to use a water-wise system for the gardens. Spain is the country most vulnerable to desertification in Europe, so I choose carefully all the plants.

A garden is always an Oasis inside the desert.

A Garden is Hope.