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Elegance in Outdoor Design.


Hi! I’m Margalida, I design and install gardens and exteriors in the lovely island of Mallorca.

I create beautiful and practical low maintenance gardens, with efficient water-wise systems. Your personality and character can be reflected outdoors.

All year living on the island? So lucky!
Only here from time to time? Let’s make your garden the Oasis of your vacations!

Ich spreche auch Deutsch.

Design + Installation Services start at €10,000



Tell me all about your dream garden and let's start making it come true

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You deserve your own little piece of Heaven on Earth. Let's create your Oasis. 


Let’s make the Outdoors magical

If you are looking for an Online Garden Design Service, you have come to the right place. I design gardens, online, for clients from all over the world.

Tell me all about your project ideas. Let’s make your dream garden come true.

Online Design Services range from €700 to €2100

We were delighted when we saw Margalida’s design for our yard!  She literally took our dreams, organized them, and showed us how to make them a reality.
It began with my wife and I having some ideas about what we wanted.  But we were having trouble figuring out what would go where, let alone figuring out the flow and knowing which plants grow together and are deer-proof, how to combine colors for all seasons, and then working around everything that was already growing in our yard.
There were so many variables and unknowns that it was stressful and overwhelming – the opposite of what planning a garden should be.
So we contacted Margalida and she listened to us, incorporated our ideas, and proposed a design that not only had everything we wanted, but also it had a comfortable and logical flow to it.  Being from Spain and having lived in Mallorca, Margalida gave us that touch of Mediterranean magic we were looking for, something that would make it stand out from the landscaping you see everywhere else.
And not only did we get the design, it was also laid out in a step by step format in a 32 page easy to read plan.  We’ve started the implementation process and it couldn’t be less stressful.
I would highly recommend Margalida if you’re looking for something exceptional.
Erik Kugler

Washington, USA

Environmental commitment.

I always try to use water-wise systems for the gardens I design. Spain is the country most vulnerable to desertification in Europe, so I choose all plants carefully.

A garden is always an Oasis in the desert.

A Garden is Hope.

Sometimes we make split-second decisions, and those decisions change our lives. Hiring Margalida to design our garden was one of those. Undoubtedly, the most significant of the last few months. The difference between surviving COVID-19 lockdowns, and being able to gaze through the windows with joy, excitement, and hope every morning. 

We began dreaming of a garden in our grey, desolate, hyper-modern and sterile terrace as soon as we rented our current apartment in Vienna. We dreamed of a English cottage garden, wild, leafy, and abundant but doubted (did not believe at all!) it was even remotely possible given the space available to us. When Margalida told me it was possible, I chose to trust her and dream, all while planting bulbs in pots and asking this land for the roots I desperately needed.

By midwinter, in the sunless darkness  of January 2020 and with the threat of COVID looming in the horizon, Margalida began working in our garden. From the very first meeting I realized her work was filled with pure magic.

When Margalida showed me her first drawings, I felt my heart burst with joy. And when I saw the final design, in the middle of Austria’s (first) strict quarantine, I knew this garden would change our lives.

I could describe the practical reasons why hiring Margalida made our life easier and they would be many and true. I could tell you how much simpler it was to create a beautiful garden because we knew exactly what to purchase, and what to do at every step (what to install first and how, what to buy for each stage, which soil to choose for each plant, where to place each type of plant). I could tell you how vital it was to have her help at a time when all purchases had to be done online and I lacked both a car and the possibility to go anywhere, anyway.

And yet, describing those things, though wonderful, would not be even close to enough to explain the energetic shift that took place when we set up the arches Margalida designed for us, the deeply transformative experience of caring for each and every plant, every tree, every seed that we nurtured from the start…or what it meant to witness LIFE amid the crisis we were (and still are) going through. Instead of a terrace, we now have a secret garden, a magical space, a sacred corner, full of life, in our home. A place that goes well beyond what I could have ever imagined possible for a terrace.

We have a garden that accompanies us, shelters us, nurtures us and makes us happy every single day of our lives. A garden that didn’t just prevent us from going insane when we couldn’t step out of our home, but a garden that MAKES US HAPPY. A garden that saved our lives. A garden we’ll take care of, and we’ll continue to see grow and evolve each month, each season, each year. A garden that gave us a future to look forward to.

And that, is priceless.

Marcela Macías

Vienna, Austria

Let’s start building your Oasis

Tell me all about your dream garden and let's start making it come true

Please fill out the form by clicking the button below, and book an appointment with us. It's time to have coffee and chat about your dream garden.
You deserve your own little piece of Heaven on Earth. Let's create your Oasis. 

Angelika and i had a wonderful Christmas and a very silent (but also nice) New Years Eve in Mallorca. Thank you for the nice garden, it is really well designed and is a «beautiful small wonder». We enjoy it everytime we are there. Thank you. We both wish you and your family a very good start in a hopefully much better 2021!

Michael Bofinger

Mallorca, Spain